Are you still using Hybris Datahub or OOTB Accelerator? It’s about time to plan your migration.

From Hybris Datahub to CPI

We have in-depth functional & technical experience with legacy Hybris Datahub and SAP CPI. We offer services to seamlessly migrate your current integration scenarios on Datahub to CPI.

Why Pleiosys for integration?

  • Step by step Migration path of Hybris Datahub scenarios to CPI iFlows
  • Scripts that will analyse your Datahub data pipelines and extract data mapping logic to auto create corresponding mapping conversion in CPI
  • Time and costs savings whether migrating custom or standard data flows.
  • Automated Test scripts that ensure correctness of output from old & new integration paths.

From Accelerator to Spartacus

At Pleiosys, we offer seamless migration to all your customized storefronts derived from OOTB accelerator templates to future proof and SmartEdit ready Spartacus JS storefront

Why Pleiosys for Spartacus?

  • Experienced Spartacus development team with migration experience
  • Backend team that will ensure REST services are ported to support your custom CMS components and OCC business logic works smoothly after migration
  • Best practices to ensure that your new PWA storefront offers native mobile experience.
  • Smart-Edit compatible and SEO optimised
  • Help with CDN / Edge Caching