P.SYS A/B Testing

Optimized Customer Journey.
Unlimited A/B Scenarios.
No Programming.

We as SAP experts notice again and again that SAP Hybris users require similar extensions and add-ons in order to test different possibilities for customer orientation and stimulus during the customer journey.

Advantages of using p.sys A/B Testing add-on

  • Measure business metric goals along customer journey
  • Increased user stimulation through customized components
  • Build unlimited A/B Scenarios – no programming required!
  • Best practices: Experts review your Hybris storefronts

Our p.sys add-on makes A/B testing easier, it can be expanded to any number of variants and helps users to customize and insert individual components in Hybris as needed.

Optimize webshop without programming

Without any programming effort, different test versions (A, B, C, …, Z) can be created and the presentation of the web shop continuously optimized. The immediate evaluation is done by linking to Google Analytics.