Billing & Revenue Innovation Management Services (BRIM)

Digital transformation has enabled conventional businesses to transform their operations to subscription-based business models and enhance customer base. It’s a win-win game, customers do not have to invest upfront in products and only pay as they go, while suppliers are interested to build long term relationships with their customers, enabling them to offer new products, services, additional features to grow their revenues. This transformation requires more flexible and customizable billing solutions with capacity to handle large data volumes. SAP BRIM offers an end to end order to cash solution having its components i.e. CRM, Mediation, CC, CI and CFM fully integrated.

SAP Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Includes Product Catalogue, Offer management and order capturing

Convergent Mediation by Digital Route

Caller Detail Record (CDRs) from network elements for both online and offline charging systems are processed by Mediation Engine, which convert these records into chargeable items for processing by SAP CC
SAP Convergent Charging ® (CC)
These chargeable items are rated and charged, which after bulkloading process converts results in rated consumption items and billable items to be processed in CI.
SAP Convergent Invoicing (CI) & Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable (FI-CA)
Billable items from CC can now be billed and collected in an aggregated document, which is then processed in contract accounts receivable & payable for invoice creation and dispatch to customers.

Our Services:

We will help you improve efficiency in operations and achieve effective optimization of resources and costs, enabling you to offer new products and services in shorter time to your customers/ partners.

Project Management including customizations for:

  • Flexible and complex rating and billing models
  • Adapting multiple technologies and business models M2M, MVNx, OTT, multiplay etc
  • OOTB offerings/ products based on OOTB offerings
  • Transformation to Hybris Billing